Portfolio "Block Paving Direct"

Block paving direct first approached Tidy Web Design requiring an easy to use system that would allow product feeds from the major suppliers of block paving and displaying them in an easy to use website.

Block Paving Direct are a UK self help website specifically geared towards advising (at no cost):

  • Block Paving for Beginners
  • Cheap Block Paving Bricks
  • How to spot a cowboy driveway company

The site featured an automatic script that will check for updates in prices, product selections and ranges of all types of paving.

The site uses a MySQL5 database to store the data which can then be filtered and searched for by the end user to find a desirable product.

Block Paving Direct have an easy to use administration system allowing the addition of new pages, alterations to existing pages, and the ability to manually update product feeds.

Block Paving Directs team are more than happy with the results, and have commissioned Tidy Web Design to build their future website products which will eventually all interlink with one another.

This project only took 2 weeks from the initial go-ahead to be live.

Go to http://www.blockpavingdirect.co.uk/

Last Updated : 07/05/2010 18:16:55

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